For busy people on a tight budget there are some useful sites you may want to look at - we take no responsibility for their content but we watch for new material which may be helpful to our clients. Some of these are below.

If you try them but find you prefer our help, email us or telephone us for further guidance.


Selling property without estate agents 

Why pay estate agents? You may be able to sell on one of the Internet sites 
but be sure to read the small print and take care who you let in to view. 
Try for example

Buying/Selling registered land 

You can see what is involved in the process of registering the purchase of a 
property at the Land Registry or registering the redemption of a mortgage 
and other useful information at 

Advice for the retired 

We have long thought there should be a "one stop shop" for those who need to 
understand the care system. The following website is useful 


Employment law can be a minefield. Why not be guided by the website below. 
For example it keeps you up to date with the minimum wage rate. We offer a 
full employment law service

Powers of Attorney 

There are several forms which can be used to appoint an attorney. There is a general Power of Attorney under the Powers of Attorney Act 1971 and between 1986 and 1st October 2007 it was possible to execute an Enduring Power of Attorney. Since 1st October 2007 two types of Lasting Power of Attorney can be used see:

Legal Aid 

If you need help dealing with an allegation of a crime please telephone Christopher Bird in our office. We no longer provide services under the Legal Aid scheme but if you think you might be eligible for Legal Aid why not check this out at 

Citizen's Advice Bureau

Child Support

Why pay for help when you can go direct. See: 

Your child's right to education 

When things go wrong we can advise you on education law. You may like to 
check your child's school Ofsted Report first at 

Take a case to court or defend one 

The Court Service website is excellent but the court cannot give legal 
advice. We advise on the likelihood of winning especially against a bigger 
or professional opponent and settling out of court 

Patents, Copyright and Designs 

Innovators, inventors and everyone else who wishes to protect his/her 
intellectual property will find the IPO the place to be: