Company, Business & Commercial

Company, Business & Commercial


The areas of law with which business may be engaged are very wide.


Business has been the pride and joy of this country for thousands of years, and it is our businesses which have been instrumental in the development of much of English Law especially:

  • Contract
  • Tort
  • Company
  • Employment
  • Land Law
  • Intellectual Property


It is largely because of ancient trades practices and customs we are what is known as ‘a common law country’.


This means we depend heavily on law developed in our courts of law (settling disputes).


Some countries are more dependent on statues and codes of law.


This might have meant our law had become a ‘hotchpot’ of legal decisions with no coherent body of law, but this is not the case. Our system has been the envy of the world, and this is why even today foreign businesses often prefer their disputes are settled in our courts. Indeed our legal profession is said to be a net exporter worth £29 billion pounds per annum.


Trade practices are still sometimes important in our courts of law and where they are, an expert in a trade is often invited by courts to provide an opinion.


Nonetheless Acts of Parliament (statues) have, in the last century, become increasingly used to govern business and examples are Health & Safety, Company Law and Employment Law as well as EU Regulations. 


As a firm, we recognise the reason for being in business is to make a profit, not to serve the law. The law should serve business.


Fortunately, governments do now recognise that fact and are seeking to strip away old unnecessary law and to simplify the law where possible.


Despite these efforts, businesses still have to grapple with EU Regulations, UK Statue Law, Statutory Instruments (regulations) as well as the Common Law, and working through these can be very expensive.


Business now serve more sophisticated consumers and buyers and so it is in the interests of business to think quickly and take advice where necessary when complaints arise.


Bird & Daniels have a long history of providing no nonsense advice to businesses in preparing suitable documents, or if a dispute arises credible solutions.


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