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As part of the PB Group, Petherbridge Bassra is the specialist department at Bird & Daniels Solicitors dealing with all road traffic offences.


The Specialist Road Traffic Team at Bird & Daniels are pro-active in fighting for our clients whether conducting a case to trial or offering the best possible arguments to the Court to avoid fines, points or disqualification.


No stone will be left unturned to protect your Licence.


The Specialist Road Traffic Team at Bird & Daniels comprise Higher Court Advocates, Solicitors, Paralegals and support staff and you would always be represented in Court by a lawyer experienced in dealing with this difficult area of law.

drink drive breathalyser

The Specialist Road Traffic Team at Petherbridge Bassra comprise Higher Court Advocates, Solicitors, Paralegals and support staff and you would always be represented in Court by a lawyer experienced in dealing with this difficult area of law.

Road Traffic Law

Road Traffic offences cover a very wide spectrum from minor offences to the most serious allegations of Causing Death by Dangerous Driving. In most cases points are awarded against the Licence. The award of points over a period of time can lead to serious problems with the potential for disqualification. It is important therefore to consider each and every time when a fine and points might be awarded against your Licence as at the time it may not appear to be a significant penalty but later on if further points accumulate the risk of disqualification can be considerable.


Our Road Traffic Law Department covers the following areas:


  • Careless Driving

  • Construction and Use

  • Dangerous Driving

  • Death by Dangerous Driving

  • Drink Driving

  • Driving Disqualified

  • Driver Identification

  • Driver's Hours

  • Drunk in Charge

  • Failing to Stop/Report

  • Insurance

  • Speeding

  • Speed Camera/Radar

  • Tachographs

  • Taxi Drivers

  • Totting Up

  • Traffic Signs

  • Exceptional Hardship

  • Special Reasons

The staff of Bird & Daniels and Petherbridge Bassra take pride in their work and care about their clients’ cases and the reputation of the firm.

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Saving Your License

The greatest concern arising where there is a potential for points and disqualification. With that in mind there are two key defence arguments.


Special Reasons


Even where you might have to plead Guilty to an offence it is not always the case that the Court must impose a disqualification, points or fine. The Court has discretion to avoid such penalties even in Drink Driving cases where a disqualification is mandatory.


Exceptional Hardship


"Totting-up" arises where a driver accumulates 12 or more points in a 3 year period. As such the driver is subject to a minimum 6 month disqualification. However, where it can be established that "exceptional hardship" would follow such a disqualification a Court may be persuaded not to impose the disqualification or to shorten the period of the disqualification to less than 6 months.


In both cases preparation of the arguments must be carefully evaluated and considered and it may be a case that documentary or expert evidence is necessary. In Court experienced advocacy will usually be required to succeed. In each of these special instances the Road Traffic Team at Bird & Daniels will be able to advise you as to the merits of mounting and presenting such an argument.

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