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Who Are We? 


We have been providing solutions for our clients for many years, ever since Chris Bird set up the firm in the 1980’s. A Shipley institution almost as famous as the clock tower. We are now proudly a division of the highly successful Petherbridge Bassra Group which allows us to provide a greater scope of service and brings together decades of expertise and know how. This whilst maintaining all the values and attributes that have made us a success for many years. We exist to serve the people of Shipley and its surrounding areas by providing you with a down to earth yet professional service that allows you to deal with the problems that life can present. We can also help you with the more exciting things, such as a move to your dream home, or help you sail through the practical things, like securing your family’s futures. 


Being part of the dynamic Petherbridge Bassra group now allows us to offer the best lawyers for any legal matter. Any legal dilemma life may present can be addressed and we will point you in the direction of the appropriate legal expert for your needs.


Our team


Our team are dedicated to providing a friendly and practical service to our clients. Client care is our mantra and we will deal with your case in the most stress free and professional way. Our commitment to our clients’ needs is as enthusiastic as ever. That is clear to us by the volume of clients who return to us and recommend us to others.




We operate a totally transparent pricing policy. This allows us to ensure that you instruct us safe in the knowledge that our fees will not add to your worries. We aim to lighten your burden, not add to it. Our fees are set so that you can be assured at the outset that you will receive a service that provides value for your money.

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Our Services



Family Law

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The PB Group - Sports Law


As part of the PB Group, Opus Law is the specialist department at Bird & Daniels Solicitors dealing with all Sports Law cases. Find out more...


We specialise in finding solutions


Tell us what you want. We will try and help you achieve it or tell you why you can't. There are often alternatives to consider and we will try and advise you about them. A short fixed price consultation is often all you need.

If you wish, you can outline what you want, just complete the 'contact form' or alternatively telephone us. We try to give you an estimate of the likely cost in writing.


How we provide the services


Many clients telephone or visit us to make an appointment. Increasingly we are asked (and especially by clients elsewhere in the UK and abroad) to advise by 'telephone appointments' or by fax or e-mail. We are happy to do that. This can be in or out of 'normal' office hours.


Who we are


We have years of experience of providing solutions. That has taught us to target the problem, assess the evidence and advise. The result is tailor made for you. We hope to prevent a problem becoming a crisis.


Our approach


Many new clients come to us because we are recommended to them by existing clients. These recommendations frequently refer to our friendly approach. We believe that meeting our clients in comfortable surroundings, with a coffee or a cup of tea, in a reassuring advice session can put even the largest problems into perspective.

"We discuss costs, frankly and early, so you can budget. That is one of the reasons many of our clients come back to us and recommend us.."


The Team at Bird & Daniels



Vintry House, 18-24 Piccadilly, 
Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 3LS





01274 580 999


01274 724 161

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday  |  9.00am - 5.00pm

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